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Welcome to the Clans!
warrior cats
Fight the battles, Hunt the prey, and live the life.....
Of A Warrior!!

Haven't got a clue? in the scroll box to the left,
click making a cat, that will set you in the right direction! :)

Warrior cat clans Home - Warrior Cat Clans
IceClan:The brave and trustworthy!

Message Sandstorm123 (skystar) if you want to join Iceclan.

ForestClan: The hidden and loyal.

Message Leafkit821 (Leafstar) if you want to join Forestclan.

The Tribe of Billowing Wind: The tribe from the Tribe of Rushing Water.

We do not yet have a Healer.

Last Update: 7/8/08

You can be apart of any of these wonderful clans or tribes if you just make a thread on the camp page, or, message the leader of your desirable clan or tribe.
Iceclan: Clan life is going good. We could always use a queen, for we don't have one at all... Also, Leapordpaw is now Leapordpool and she was assigned an apprentice, Morningpaw! Our clan is growing well. Nothing else to report.
Forestclan: We Need Warriors and/or Apprentices BADLY!!! We have just got a new warrior: Lectrowind, and i can tell she is going to be loyal. thank StarClan!!Nothing else to report. :) (i like smileys :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) )
Tribe of Billowing Wind: Tribe life is going pretty good. The only thing we need is a strong cave-guard and someone capable of becoming our healer! PLEASE JOIN!!! Also, Clear Sky Of No Clouds has had her kits! And, they are the cutest scraps of fur i have ever seen! We are still waiting for their descriptions and when we get them, They will be updated on the Tribe camp page.... Nothing else to report.
Other news: This site is almost done, so it will need to get really active during the next couple of weeks.:)
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Want to see if you can become your desired role cat? Go to: Clan openings page

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